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Mike Hennessy Automotive has been in business for over 30 years and is one of the very few auto service repair stores that can service your car whether it is a 1920 vintage vehicle or a 2015.  We have an extensive automotive library and the knowledge to care for your car.  

Mike Hennessy Automotive has been a car dealer finding the right car for hundreds of satisfied clients for over 30 years.  If you are searching for that particular car we can find it for you.  We can also find project cars and have experience to fully restore them to get them back on the road.  If you have a project car running or not that you've lost interest in and would like to sell, give Mike a call at 408 615-1454.

There is never ever any carbon build up or down time at Hennessy's Auto Repair.  Mike Hennessy does a local TV show called Car Guy Channel (www.carguychannel.com) which features going to many car shows, events, swap meets, and always features a Car of the Week. 

It doesn't even stop there.   Mike's newest endeavor is Hot San Jose Nights (www.hotsanjosenights.com).  Mike says, "It's not just a car show, it is an event for the entire family."  Hot San Jose Nights is designed to be a very family friendly event with lots of entertainment and lots to do.  Hot San Jose Nights also supports many other car shows and charities.  So join in the fun and check it out!   

Mike and Susan Hennessy

 Mike Hennessy
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